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Decoded Slug: Noun や Noun など~ (Noun ya Noun nado)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun や Noun など~ (Noun ya Noun nado)

Noun や Noun など~ (Noun ya Noun nado)

Short explanation:

Lists items or examples but not exhaustive; 'such as', 'like', 'and so on'.


Noun1 + や + Noun2 + など


Kare wa yasai ya kudamono nado o taberu no ga suki desu.
He likes to eat things like vegetables and fruits.
Nihon no toshi ya Toukyou, Oosaka nado ni ikitai desu.
I want to go to Japanese cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, and so on.
Kanojo wa neko ya inu nado doubutsu ga suki desu.
She likes animals like cats, dogs, and so on.
Kono honya de wa manga ya shousetsu nado takusan no hon ga urarete imasu.
In this bookstore, many books such as manga and novels are being sold.

Long explanation:

The や...など grammar point is used to list a few items or examples that belong to a similar category or context but it is not exhaustive. It can be translated as 'such as', 'like', or 'and so on' in English. This grammar pattern is used with nouns.

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