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Decoded Slug: Noun を さしあげる (Noun wo sashiageru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を さしあげる (Noun wo sashiageru)

Noun を さしあげる (Noun wo sashiageru)

Short explanation:

A polite way of expressing to give something.


Noun + を + さしあげる


Sensei ni hon wo sashiagemasu.
I will give a book to the teacher.
Okaasan ni hana wo sashiagetai desu.
I want to give flowers to my mother.
Okyakusama ni ocha wo sashiagemashou.
Let's offer tea to the guest.
Senpai ni purezento wo sashiagetara, yorokonde imashita.
When I gave a present to my senior, they were delighted.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Noun を さしあげる is used to say that you are giving something to someone in a polite way. When offering something to a person of higher status, this expression is used. It is used in conjunction with a noun and replaces the regular verb あげる (ageru) to give.

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