Decoded Slug: Noun を はじめ (Noun wo hajime)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を はじめ (Noun wo hajime)

Noun を はじめ (Noun wo hajime)

Short explanation:

Meaning 'starting with', 'including', 'not only... but also'.


Noun + をはじめ


Nihon ryouri wo hajime, samazama na ryouri ga kono resutoran de tanoshimemasu.
You can enjoy various dishes in this restaurant, starting with Japanese cuisine.
Kare wa kaiga wo hajime, choukoku ya shashin mo korekushon shite iru.
He collects not only paintings but also sculptures and photographs.
Kyouto wo hajime, Nihon no ikutsu ka no toshi de dentouteki na matsuri ga okonawarete iru.
Traditional festivals are held in several cities in Japan, including Kyoto.
Taiyou wo hajime, chikyuu ya kasei nado no wakusei mo taiyoukei ni fukumarete iru.
Not only the Sun, but also planets such as Earth and Mars are included in the solar system.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Nounをはじめ is used to show that there are other things or people being included apart from the mentioned noun. It can be used to provide an example, indicate a representative or list items. This can be translated as 'starting with', 'including', 'not only... but also...' in English.

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