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Decoded Slug: Noun を めぐって (Noun wo megutte)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を めぐって (Noun wo megutte)

Noun を めぐって (Noun wo megutte)

Short explanation:

Concerning; with regard to; about


Noun + を + めぐって


Kankyou mondai wo megutte, ooku no giron ga okonawareteimasu.
Many discussions are held concerning environmental issues.
Kare no shi wo megutte, ikutsuka no inbousetsu ga ukabiagatteiru.
Several conspiracy theories have emerged regarding his death.
Shoukyuu wo megutte kaisha to roudou kumiai ga hanashiai wo shiteimasu.
The company and the labor union are having discussions about pay raises.
Kono eiga wo megutte, sanpi ryouron ga sonzai shiteiru.
There are both pros and cons regarding this movie.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Noun を めぐって is used to express that something is concerning, with regard to or about a certain noun. It covers a topic or an issue that is central to a discussion or a situation.

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