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Decoded Slug: Noun を もとに (Noun o moto ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を もとに (Noun o moto ni)

Noun を もとに (Noun o moto ni)

Short explanation:

Based on; drawing from; using as a reference.


Noun + をもとに


Kono eiga wa jitsuwa o moto ni tsukuraremashita.
This movie was made based on a true story.
Kare no keiken o moto ni adobaisu ga hitsuyou da.
Advice is needed based on his experience.
Deeta o moto ni bunseki o okonaimashita.
I performed an analysis based on the data.
Sekaijuu no bijutsukan o moto ni korekushon o tsukurimashita.
I created a collection based on art galleries all over the world.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Nounをもとに is used to convey that something is based on, drawn from, or using the noun as a reference. It is commonly used when one thing is being used as a foundation, source of information or inspiration for something else.

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