Decoded Slug: Noun を もとにして (Noun wo moto ni shite)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を もとにして (Noun wo moto ni shite)

Noun を もとにして (Noun wo moto ni shite)

Short explanation:

Based on; using; utilizing.


Noun + をもとにして


Kare no iken wo moto ni shite, keikaku wo henkou shimashita.
Based on his opinion, we changed the plan.
Kono shousetsu wa jitsuwa wo moto ni shite kakareteimasu.
This novel is written based on a true story.
Shiryou wo moto ni shite, repooto wo sakusei shimashita.
I created the report based on the materials.
Kako no seikourei wo moto ni shite, atarashii purojekuto wo susumeru yotei desu.
We plan to proceed with the new project based on past successful examples.

Long explanation:

The 'Noun をもとにして' grammar point is used to express that something is done based on, using, or utilizing the noun. It indicates that the noun is the foundation, source or basis for the action or statement.

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