Decoded Slug: Noun をものともせずに (Noun wo mono tomo sezu ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun をものともせずに (Noun wo mono tomo sezu ni)

Noun をものともせずに (Noun wo mono tomo sezu ni)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea that 'despite something, action was carried out', simply translating to 'without being phased by something'.


Noun + をものともせずに


Kanojo wa kowasa wo mono tomo sezu ni, kurayami no naka e susunde itta.
Despite her fear, she went ahead into the darkness.
Shiken no puresshaa wo mono tomo sezu ni, kare wa jishin manman ni kotaeta.
Unfazed by the pressure of the exam, he answered with full confidence.
Kare wa fuusetsu wo mono tomo sezu ni, yama wo nobotta.
He climbed the mountain unphased by the wind and snow.
Kare wa shippai wo mono tomo sezu ni, mae ni susumi tsuzuketa.
He continued to move forward, unabated by failure.

Long explanation:

The 'Nounをものともせずに' grammar point means that something which could potentially be a hindrance or challenge was not taken into account or cared for, in carrying out an action. The literal translation could be ‘not making something an object’, hence meaning actions were performed without any phasing or distractions by it.

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