Decoded Slug: Noun を前提として (Noun wo zentei toshite)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を前提として (Noun wo zentei toshite)

Noun を前提として (Noun wo zentei toshite)

Short explanation:

Use to express 'on the assumption of', 'based on'.


Noun + を前提として


Seikou wo zentei toshite, bijinesu puran wo sakusei shimashita.
We made a business plan on the assumption of success.
Kare no shouri wo zentei toshite, paatii no junbi wo hajimemashita.
We started preparing for the party assuming his victory.
Ryoushin no rikai wo zentei toshite, ryokou keikaku wo susumemasu.
I proceed with the travel plan based on the understanding of my parents.
Kono purojekuto wa, shikin ga sorou koto wo zentei toshiteimasu.
This project assumes that the funds will be in place.

Long explanation:

The grammar point 'Noun を前提として' is used to express the concept of something being based on or assuming something else, that is to say, it is used when something is preconceived or preassumed.

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