Decoded Slug: Noun を境にして (Noun wo sakai ni shite)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を境にして (Noun wo sakai ni shite)

Noun を境にして (Noun wo sakai ni shite)

Short explanation:

Means 'as a turning point of'; 'since (time)'; 'from (time) on'


Noun + を境に(して)


Chichi no shi wo sakai ni shite, kare no seikaku ga ippen shita.
His personality changed completely since his father's death.
Shiken wo sakai ni shite, kyuka wo toru yotei desu.
I plan to take a vacation from the time of the exam.
Haru wo sakai ni shite, atarashii seikatsu o hajimeru tsumori da.
I intend to start a new life from spring.
Kanojo wa nyuugaku wo sakai ni shite, fasshon ni kyoumi o mochi hajimeta.
She began to take an interest in fashion from the time she entered school.

Long explanation:

The grammar point 'を境にして' is used to express a significant change or turning point which is marked by a specific event or time. This event or time serves as a boundary or a dividing point, after which the situation or the state changes completely.

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