Decoded Slug: Noun を機にして (~wo ki ni shite)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を機にして (~wo ki ni shite)

Noun を機にして (~wo ki ni shite)

Short explanation:

To take the opportunity to, taking the occasion to, on the occasion of.


Noun + を機にして


Hikkoshi wo ki ni shite, kagu wo atarashiku shimashita
I took the opportunity of moving to get new furniture.
Sotsugyou wo ki ni shite, atarashii shigoto wo sagashi hajimeta.
I started looking for a new job on the occasion of graduation.
Kono purojekuto no shippai wo ki ni shite, kaisha zentai no shigoto no yarikata wo minaosu koto ni shita.
We decided to review the way the entire company works, taking this project's failure as an opportunity.
Kekkon wo ki ni shite, watashitachi wa atarashii machi e hikkoshimashita.
We moved to a new town on the occasion of our marriage.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Noun を機にして (wo ki ni shite) is used to express the idea of taking a certain event or situation as an opportunity to do something else. It is often used in contexts where a change of situation or environment leads to a different action or state. In other words, it means 'taking the occasion of', 'on the occasion of' or 'to take the opportunity to'

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