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Decoded Slug: Noun を禁じ得ない (〜wo kinjienai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を禁じ得ない (〜wo kinjienai)

Noun を禁じ得ない (〜wo kinjienai)

Short explanation:

'Cannot help but do', or 'inevitable'


Noun + を禁じ得ない


Kono kekka ni wa odoroki wo kinjienai.
I can't help but be surprised at this result.
Sono nyuusu wo kiite, kare no seikou o shukufuku sezaru o kinjienai.
Hearing that news, I can't help but congratulate his success.
Kanojo no utsukushisa ni wa kandou wo kinjienai.
I can't help but be moved by her beauty.
Kare no hanashi o kiite, warai o kinjienai.
Hearing his story, I can't help but laugh.

Long explanation:

The 〜を禁じ得ない (wo kinjienai) grammar point is used to express a situation or emotion that is so strong, it can't be helped or is inevitable. It is used with nouns to express an uncontrollable feeling or action.

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