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Decoded Slug: Noun を踏まえて (〜wo fumaete)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun を踏まえて (〜wo fumaete)

Noun を踏まえて (〜wo fumaete)

Short explanation:

Based on; taking into account; in light of


Noun + を踏まえて


Kako no kekka wo fumaete, aratana keikaku wo tatemashita.
Based on the previous results, we have made a new plan.
Genchi no bunka wo fumaete, purezentēshon wo junbi shimasu.
I will prepare a presentation taking into account the local culture.
Kyōshi no iken wo fumaete, kisoku wo henkō shimashita.
We changed the rules in light of the teachers' opinions.
Saishin no kenkyū kekka wo fumaete, atarashii kusuri ga kaihatsu saremashita.
Considering the latest research findings, a new medicine has been developed.

Long explanation:

The verb 踏まえる (fumaeru) means 'to be based on' or 'to take into consideration'. When ~を踏まえて is connected with a noun it implies that actions or decisions are made based on the consideration or assumption of the noun. It can also express the idea of looking at a situation from the standpoint of the noun before proceeding to the following action.

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