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Decoded Slug: Noun 並み (~nami)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun 並み (~nami)

Noun 並み (~nami)

Short explanation:

Indicates 'like' or 'as' something or someone; 'equivalent to', 'around'.


Noun + 並み


Kare wa puro no bokusa- nami no chikara o motte imasu.
He has power equivalent to a professional boxer.
Kanojo no ryouri no udemae wa resutoran nami desu.
Her cooking skills are like those of a restaurant.
Kono eria no natsu wa sabaku nami no atsusa desu.
The summer heat in this area is like a desert.
Kyou no shigoto wa shachou nami no isogashisa datta.
Today's work was as busy as a president's.

Long explanation:

The Noun 並み grammar point is used to show a comparison between items or people. It's often translated as 'like' or 'equivalent to' in English, but can also indicate the idea of around or approximate quantity or extent.

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