Decoded Slug: Noun 限りで (~ kagiri de)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun 限りで (~ kagiri de)

Noun 限りで (~ kagiri de)

Short explanation:

As long as; for the duration; while


Noun + 限りで


Watashi ga ikite iru kagiri de, anata wo sasaemasu.
As long as I'm alive, I will support you.
Kodomo ga gakkou ni kayotte iru kagiri de, wareware wa karera wo mamorimasu.
We will protect them for as long as the kids are going to school.
Nouryoku ga aru kagiri de, saizen wo tsukushimasu.
I will do my best as long as I have the ability.
Anata ga koko ni iru kagiri de, watashi wa anshin desu.
As long as you're here, I feel safe.

Long explanation:

The ~ 限りで grammar point is used to express the duration of something in the context of 'as long as' or 'while'. It indicates that a certain condition or situation stays the same for the duration or extent of something. The formation is simple and generally follows after a noun.

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