Decoded Slug: Noun+のいかんだ (Noun no ikan da)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Noun+のいかんだ (Noun no ikan da)

Noun+のいかんだ (Noun no ikan da)

Short explanation:

Depends on; up to


Noun + のいかんだ/Noun + のいかんでは


Kare ga kuru no ikan de kimeyou.
Let's decide depending on whether he comes or not.
Shiken no kekka no ikan de ryuunen ga kimarimasu.
Whether you repeat a year or not depends on the test results.
Tenki no ikan de wa, pikunikku o kyanseru shimasu.
I'll cancel the picnic depending on the weather.
Kare no kaitou no ikan de, wareware no tsugi no koudou ga kimaru.
Our next action depends on his response.

Long explanation:

The のいかんだ(Noun no ikan da) grammar point is used to express that something depends on a particular situation or fact. It can be translated as 'Depends on' or 'up to' in English. The construction no ikan is usually used with nouns and naru verbs.

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