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Decoded Slug: Nounをいただく (Noun wo itadaku)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Nounをいただく (Noun wo itadaku)

Nounをいただく (Noun wo itadaku)

Short explanation:

To receive or accept something politely; 'to receive', 'to get', 'to accept'.


Noun + を + いただく


Purezento wo itadaki arigatou gozaimasu.
Thank you for the gift that I received.
Sensei kara adobaisu wo itadakimashita.
I received advice from my teacher.
Kono koohii wo itadaite ii desu ka?
May I have this coffee?
Kaisha no joushi ni shoushin no oshirase wo itadakimashita.
I received a promotion notification from my boss at the company.

Long explanation:

The Nounをいただく grammar point is used to express the action of receiving or accepting something in a polite or humble manner. The verb 'いただく' is a more respectful version of the verb 'もらう' (to receive), so using 'いただく' shows humility and respect towards the person who is giving you something.

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