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Decoded Slug: Verb がてら (~ gatera)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb がてら (~ gatera)

Verb がてら (~ gatera)

Short explanation:

Expresses doing something while doing another; 'while', 'on the occasion of'.


Verb-casual + がてら


Sanpo gatera ni yuubinkyoku e itta.
I went to the post office while taking a walk.
Kaimono gatera ni tomodachi ni ai ni itta.
I went to see a friend while doing some shopping.
Jogingu gatera ni shinbun o kai ni itta.
I went to buy a newspaper while jogging.
Kouen de pikunikku gatera dokusho o shita.
I read a book while having a picnic in the park.

Long explanation:

The ~がてら grammar point is used to express doing something while also doing another thing. This is often translated as 'while' or 'on the occasion of' in English. Mainly used with action verbs that suggest movement or change of location.

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