Decoded Slug: Verb させられる (Verb-saserareru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb させられる (Verb-saserareru)

Verb させられる (Verb-saserareru)

Short explanation:

Express the passive causative form; 'to be made to', 'to be forced to'.


Group 1 Verb: Replace ~う with ~わせられる, Group 2 Verb: Replace ~る with ~させられる, Group 3 Verb: する → させられる, くる → こさせられる


Kodomo-tachi wa sensei ni shukudai wo yaraseraremashita.
The children were made to do their homework by the teacher.
Kare wa kaisha ni motto hatarakaserareta.
He was forced to work more by the company.
Watashi wa tomodachi ni sono kimitsu o hanasaseraremashita.
I was made to reveal that secret by my friend.
Kega wo shita senshu wa, kouchi ni yasumaseraremashita.
The injured player was forced to rest by the coach.

Long explanation:

The Verb させられる grammar point is the passive causative form of the verb. It is used to describe a situation where someone or something causes or forces another person to do something. This construction of passive causative is useful to show that the action was not done voluntarily by the person.

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