Decoded Slug: Verb ざるを得ない (~ zaru wo enai)

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Verb ざるを得ない (~ zaru wo enai)

Verb ざるを得ない (~ zaru wo enai)

Short explanation:

'Cannot but', 'have no choice but to', 'forced to'


Verb-dictionary form + ざるを得ない


Kono shigoto ga iya nara mou yamezaru o enai.
If you hate this job, you have no choice but to quit.
Shiken ga chikai no de, yoru osoku made benkyou sezaru wo enai.
The exam is near, so I have no choice but to study late into the night.
Namida ga tomaranai. Nakazaru o enai.
The tears won't stop. I can't help but cry.
Sensei no meirei dakara, shitagawazaru wo enai.
It's the teacher's order, so I have no choice but to comply.

Long explanation:

The Verb ざるを得ない construction is used when the subject is compelled or forced to do something out of necessity and there is no other choice. It gives the idea of 'cannot but' or 'have no choice but in English.

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