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Decoded Slug: Verb ずじまい (~zu jimai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ずじまい (~zu jimai)

Verb ずじまい (~zu jimai)

Short explanation:

Expressing regret for not having done something; not being able to; not having the chance to.


Verb-ない form (remove ない) + ずじまい


Nihon e kite, ichido mo Fuji-san o miru koto naku kikoku sezu jimai da.
I came to Japan but ended up going home without ever getting to see Mt. Fuji.
Shucchou no tame, kanojo ni awa zu jimai datta.
Because I was on a business trip, I ended up not meeting her.
Kinou wa tsukaresugite, shukudai o sezu jimai da.
I ended up not doing my homework yesterday because I was too tired.
Kimono o katta ga, kekkyoku, ichido mo kizu jimai da.
I bought a kimono, but in the end, I never got the chance to wear it.

Long explanation:

The Japanese grammar point ~ずじまい (~zu jimai) is used to express regret for not doing something, not being able to do it, or not getting the chance to. The action that one regrets not doing is something that can still be done, meaning that there is future opportunity to do so.

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