Decoded Slug: Verb ずにはすまない (Verb zuni wa sumanai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ずにはすまない (Verb zuni wa sumanai)

Verb ずにはすまない (Verb zuni wa sumanai)

Short explanation:

'Cannot do without', 'have to', 'unavoidable'.


Verb-ないform(remove ない) + ずにはすまない


Kono mondai o kaiketsu shinauto, shakai zentai ga eikyou o ukeru node, kaiketsu sezu niwa sumanai.
Since this issue will affect the entire society if not resolved, we cannot do without resolving it.
Kore wa kodomo-tachi no mirai o omou to, kyouiku kaikaku o okonawazu ni wa sumanai koto da.
Thinking about the future of the children, we cannot do without carrying out educational reforms.
Kono ken ni tsuiteha, kare ni ayamarazu ni wa sumanai.
Regarding this matter, I can't do without apologizing to him.
Kekkonshiki ni shusseki surunara, purezento o watasazu ni wa sumanai.
If you attend a wedding ceremony, you have to give a gift.

Long explanation:

The verb ずにはすまない grammar point translates as 'cannot do without doing'. It is used to express that something is compulsory or unavoidable because of reasons like obligation, necessity, manners, or rules.

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