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Decoded Slug: Verb そうもない (〜sou monai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb そうもない (〜sou monai)

Verb そうもない (〜sou monai)

Short explanation:

Expresses the negative potential; 'it doesn't seem like', 'it's not likely'.


Verb-volitional form + そうもない


Kyoujuu ni shigoto o oeru sou monai.
It doesn't seem like I'll finish the work today.
Ame ga yamu sou monai.
It doesn't seem like the rain will stop.
Kare ga yakusoku o mamoru sou monai.
It doesn't seem like he will keep his promise.
Kono muzukashii mondai wo kaiketsu suru sou monai.
It doesn't seem like this difficult problem will be solved.

Long explanation:

The ~そうもない grammar point is used to express a low possibility or the negative potential of something happening. It can be translated as 'it doesn't seem like' or 'it's not likely' in English. This formation is generally used with Verbs.

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