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Decoded Slug: Verb そばから (〜soba kara)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb そばから (〜soba kara)

Verb そばから (〜soba kara)

Short explanation:

Expresses the notion that as soon as one action finishes, another begins.


Verb-ますstem + そばから


Souji wo suru soba kara kodomo-tachi ga chirakasu.
As soon as I clean, the kids mess it up.
Shigoto wo oeru soba kara arata na shigoto ga maikondekita.
As soon as I finished my job, a new one came in.
Sore wo kaiketsu suru soba kara mata betsu no mondai ga detekita.
As soon as we solve this, another problem comes up.
Nemuri ni tsuku soba kara denwa ga natta.
The phone rang as soon as I fell asleep.

Long explanation:

The ~そばから grammar point is used to express the idea of something happening immediately after something else. It gives the connotation that as soon as one action or situation finishes, another action or situation starts.

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