Decoded Slug: Verb た ことがある (Verb ta koto ga aru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb た ことがある (Verb ta koto ga aru)

Verb た ことがある (Verb ta koto ga aru)

Short explanation:

Expresses the experience of having done something in the past.


Verb-た-form + ことがある


Nihon ni itta koto ga arimasu.
I have been to Japan before.
Sushi wo tabeta koto ga arimasu ka?
Have you ever eaten sushi before?
Kare wa marason wo hashitta koto ga arimasu.
He has experienced running a marathon.
Watashi wa sukaidaibingu wo shita koto ga arimasen.
I have never experienced skydiving.

Long explanation:

The ~たことがある grammar point is used to express the experience of having done an action in the past. It indicates that the speaker has had the experience of doing something at least once before. It is formed by adding ことがある to the た-form of the verb.

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