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Decoded Slug: Verb たら Verb たで (~ tara ~ tade)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb たら Verb たで (~ tara ~ tade)

Verb たら Verb たで (~ tara ~ tade)

Short explanation:

Expresses the sequence of actions; 'after doing..., did...'.


Verb(たform) + ら + Verb(たform) + で


Kare to hanashitara, omotteta no to zenzen chigau hito datta de.
After talking to him, he was different from the person I had thought.
Youji o sumasetara, sassoku jimusho ni modotta de.
After I finished my errands, I immediately went back to the office.
Eiga o mitara, naita de.
After I watched the movie, I cried.
Sanpo shitara, cafe de koohii o nonda de.
After taking a walk, I had a coffee at the cafe.

Long explanation:

The Verb たら Verb たで grammar point is used to describe a sequence of actions or events. It means 'After (verb), (verb).' It can be any verbs in their past tense, not necessarily the same verb.

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