Decoded Slug: Verb つ Verb つ (Verb tsu Verb tsu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb つ Verb つ (Verb tsu Verb tsu)

Verb つ Verb つ (Verb tsu Verb tsu)

Short explanation:

Expresses a series of actions happening repeatedly one after another.


Verb-stem(masu-form) + つ + same Verb-stem(masu-form) + つ


Asa kara ban made hataraki tsu benkyou tsu de tsukarete shimatta.
I'm exhausted from working and studying from morning till night.
Kare wa hanashi tsuzuke tsu warai tsu shite ita.
He kept talking and laughing.
Kodomo tachi wa tabe tsu asobi tsu shite ita.
The children were eating and playing.
Watashi wa yomi tsu kaki tsu shite sugoshita.
I spent my time reading and writing.

Long explanation:

The ~つ~つ grammar point is used to express a series of actions happening continually one after another. This form nearly always comes in pairs, and the two actions should be related in some way or the events share a common subject. It can also imply that the situation is temporary or changing.

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