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Decoded Slug: Verb て + さしあげる (Verb TE sashiageru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb て + さしあげる (Verb TE sashiageru)

Verb て + さしあげる (Verb TE sashiageru)

Short explanation:

A polite way to express giving or doing something for someone.


Verb-てform + さしあげる


Ocha wo irete sashiagemasu.
I will prepare and serve tea (for you).
Messeiji wo okutte sashiagemashita.
I have sent the message (for you).
Nimotsu wo motte sashiagemashou ka.
Shall I carry the luggage (for you)?
Odenwa wo kakete sashiagemasu.
I will make a phone call (for you).

Long explanation:

The grammar point 'Verb て + さしあげる' is used to express the action of giving or doing something for someone in a polite manner. It is mainly used when the speaker is offering or doing something for someone of higher social status or showing respect towards the person. To form this expression, you need to conjugate the verb into its て-form and attach さしあげる.

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