Decoded Slug: Verb て いる ところ (Verb te iru tokoro)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb て いる ところ (Verb te iru tokoro)

Verb て いる ところ (Verb te iru tokoro)

Short explanation:

Describes an action that is currently happening; 'in the middle of', 'in the process of'.


Verb-て form + いる ところ


Kare wa shukudai wo shite iru tokoro desu.
He is in the middle of doing his homework.
Watashitachi wa eiga wo mite iru tokoro deshita.
We were in the process of watching a movie.
Kodomotachi wa kouen de asonde iru tokoro desu.
The kids are in the middle of playing in the park.
Kanojo wa keeki wo tsukutte iru tokoro de, sugu kimasu.
She is in the process of making a cake and will come soon.

Long explanation:

The て いる ところ grammar point is used to express an action that is currently happening or taking place. It can be translated as 'in the middle of' or 'in the process of' in English. It is formed by using the て-form of a verb followed by いる and ところ.

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