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Decoded Slug: Verb て くださる (Verb-te kudasaru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb て くださる (Verb-te kudasaru)

Verb て くださる (Verb-te kudasaru)

Short explanation:

Expresses gratitude for receiving someone's favor; 'to kindly do'.


Verb て-form + くださる


Sensei ga tetsudatte kudasaru.
The teacher kindly helps.
Okaasan ga oishii ryouri wo tsukutte kudasaru.
My mother kindly cooks delicious meals.
Tomodachi ga watashi wo eki made okutte kudasaru.
My friend kindly gives me a ride to the station.
Buchou ga sugu ni shitsumon ni kotaete kudasaru.
The manager kindly answers the questions immediately.

Long explanation:

The て くださる grammar point is used to express gratitude for receiving a favor or action from someone else. It is an honorific way to say that someone kindly does something for the speaker or the listener. The verb is conjugated to its ~て form and followed by くださる.

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