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Decoded Slug: Verb てからというもの (Verb te kara to iu mono)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb てからというもの (Verb te kara to iu mono)

Verb てからというもの (Verb te kara to iu mono)

Short explanation:

Expresses a change that has been consistent since a certain time or event.


Verb-てform + からというもの


Kanojo to wakarete kara toiu mono, hitori de sugosu jikan ga fuetamashita.
Since breaking up with her, the time I spend alone has increased.
Kodomo ga umarete kara toiu mono, jiyuu na jikan ga nakunatta.
Since the birth of the child, I have had no free time.
Atarashii shigoto o hajimete kara to iu mono, mainichi isogashikunarimashita.
Ever since I started my new job, I have been busy every day.
Daigaku ni haitte kara toiu mono, supōtsu o suru jikan ga naku natta.
I haven't had time to play sports since I entered university.

Long explanation:

The てからというもの grammar point is used to express that since a particular event occurred, a change has persisted. It implies a significant change in the situation or action since that point in time. The verb used in this case is always in て-form.

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