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Decoded Slug: Verb てから~ (〜te kara)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb てから~ (〜te kara)

Verb てから~ (〜te kara)

Short explanation:

Express a sequence of actions or events; 'after', 'since', 'once'.


Verb-て形 + から


Shukudai wo shite kara, terebi wo mimashita.
I watched TV after doing my homework.
Tabete kara, ha wo migakimashou.
Let's brush our teeth after eating.
Shigoto ga owatte kara, tomodachi to nomi ni ikimasu.
I will go drinking with my friends after work is done.
Gakkou ga owatte kara, toshokan de benkyou shimasu.
I will study in the library after school is over.

Long explanation:

The ~てから grammar point is used to indicate the sequence of actions or events, meaning that one action or event occurs after another. It can be translated as 'after', 'since', or 'once' in English. The て-form indicates the first action and から shows the sequence.

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