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Decoded Slug: Verb てまでも (~ temademo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb てまでも (~ temademo)

Verb てまでも (~ temademo)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea of 'even if it means....'; 'no matter what it takes'


Verb-て form + までも


Shiken ni goukaku suru tame ni, neru jikan o kezutte mademo benkyou shimasu.
In order to pass the exam, I will study even if it means cutting down on sleep.
Kanojo to kekkon dekiru nara, hataraitemademo okane wo tamemasu.
If I can marry her, I'll save money even if it means working.
Kono kaisha de hatarakitakute, tookute mademo kayoimasu.
I want to work at this company, so I will commute even if it's far.
Kare no kaifuku no tame nara, nani o shite mademo sasaemasu.
For his recovery, I will support him no matter what it takes.

Long explanation:

This grammar point is used when a speaker wants to express that they would go to great lengths or even endure hardships to achieve something. It conveys the idea of 'even if it means....' or 'no matter what it takes'. It is often used with verbs in the て-form.

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