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Decoded Slug: Verb てもらいたい (~te moraitai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb てもらいたい (~te moraitai)

Verb てもらいたい (~te moraitai)

Short explanation:

Express a desire to receive a favor or service from someone else.


Verb-て-form + もらいたい


Kono nimotsu o undonde moraitai desu.
I want you to carry this luggage for me.
Kare ni sono nyuusu o oshiete moraitai.
I want him to tell me the news.
Tomodachi ni Nihongo o oshiete moraitai.
I want my friend to teach me Japanese.
Sutaffu ni chekkuin no houhou o setsumei shite moraitai.
I want the staff to explain the check-in process to me.

Long explanation:

The ~てもらいたい grammar point is used to express one's desire to receive a favor, service, or action from someone else. It is formed by attaching もらいたい to the て-form of verbs. This structure emphasizes the help or favor the speaker wants from someone else.

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