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Decoded Slug: Verb てもらえませんか (~te moraemasen ka)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb てもらえませんか (~te moraemasen ka)

Verb てもらえませんか (~te moraemasen ka)

Short explanation:

A polite way to ask for a favor or request someone to do something.


Verb-て form + もらえませんか


Kono tegami o mite moraemasen ka?
Could you take a look at this letter for me?
Nimotsu o motte moraemasen ka?
Could you carry this luggage for me?
Heya o souji shite moraemasen ka?
Could you clean the room for me?
Ashita no miitingu ni sanka shite moraemasen ka?
Could you attend tomorrow's meeting for me?

Long explanation:

The ~てもらえませんか grammar point is a polite and indirect way of asking someone to do something for you or asking for a favor. It is formed by conjugating the verb into the て-form and adding もらえませんか. This form is used in conversations to show politeness and humility.

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