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Decoded Slug: Verb ないことには Verb ない (~nai koto ni wa ~ nai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ないことには Verb ない (~nai koto ni wa ~ nai)

Verb ないことには Verb ない (~nai koto ni wa ~ nai)

Short explanation:

Express that something cannot be done without meeting a certain condition.


Verb-ない + ことには + Verb-ない


Kusuri o nomanai koto niwa, byouki ga naoranai.
Unless you take the medicine, the illness won't get better.
Kono mondai ni yoku kangaenai koto niwa, kaiketsu dekinai.
Unless you think carefully about this problem, you can't solve it.
Renshuu o shinai koto niwa, sukiru ga joutatsu shinai.
Unless you practice, your skills won't improve.
Tetsuzuki o shinai koto niwa, atarashii pasupo-to ga moraenai.
Unless you go through the procedures, you can't get a new passport.

Long explanation:

The ないことには grammar point is used to indicate that something cannot be done or achieved unless a certain condition is met. This pattern is formed by attaching ないことには to the negative form of a verb, followed by the same verb in the negative form.

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