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Decoded Slug: Verb ないまでも (Verb nai made mo)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ないまでも (Verb nai made mo)

Verb ないまでも (Verb nai made mo)

Short explanation:

Even if not completely; at least


Verb-ない form + までも


Subete wo rikai shinai made mo, sukunakutomo kihon tekina koto wa wakareba ii.
Even if you don't understand everything, at least as long as you understand the basics.
Awa nai mademo, mēru de renraku o torimashou.
Even if we can't meet, let's at least communicate by email.
Mainichi wa tsuzukerarenai made mo, shū ni ichido kuraiha jōgingu o shitai.
Even if I can't keep it up every day, I want to jog at least once a week.
Zenin ni ki ni irareru koto wa dekinai made mo, itsumo jibun jishinde itai.
Even though I can't make everyone like me, I always want to be myself.

Long explanation:

The ないまでも grammar point is used to express 'even if not completely / at least' in English. It implies that although the action of the verb does not completely take place, at least a part of it or some condition related to it holds.

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