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Decoded Slug: Verb に かえります (〜ni kaerimasu)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb に かえります (〜ni kaerimasu)

Verb に かえります (〜ni kaerimasu)

Short explanation:

Expresses the action of returning to a previous state or condition.


Verb-stem + に かえります


Reizouko ni ireru to, toketa aisukurīmu wa katamaru ni kaerimasu.
When put back in the refrigerator, the melted ice cream will return to being solid.
Kyuuka ga owattara, shigoto ni modorimasu.
When the vacation ends, I will return to work.
Rimōto wāku ga owatta ato, moto no ofisu ni modorimasu.
After remote work is over, we will return to our original office.
Gaikoku de benkyou shita ato, nihon ni kaerimasu.
After studying abroad, I will return to Japan.

Long explanation:

The に かえります grammar point is used to express the action of returning to a previous state or condition, often after a change has occurred. It is formed by attaching に かえります to the stem of the verb that indicates the original state or condition.

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