Decoded Slug: Verb もしないで (~ mo shinai de)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb もしないで (~ mo shinai de)

Verb もしないで (~ mo shinai de)

Short explanation:

Meaning: 'without even doing'.


Verb-dictionary form + もしないで


Shirabe mo shinai de, kotae wo kakimashita.
I wrote the answer without even investigating.
Kare wa shiken wo benkyou mo shinai de, tesuto ni goukaku shita.
He passed the test without even studying for the exam.
Kanojo wa sono hon wo yomu mo shinai de, repooto wo kaita.
She wrote a report without even reading the book.
Junbi mo shinai de, purezenteeshon wo hajimemashita.
Started the presentation without even preparing.

Long explanation:

The もしないで grammar point is used to express an action that hasn't been done before (or even not attempting to do it), yet already doing or completing another action. It conveys the sense of 'without even doing'. The verb used before もしないで should be in its dictionary form.

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