Decoded Slug: Verb やしない (~yashinai)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb やしない (~yashinai)

Verb やしない (~yashinai)

Short explanation:

Expresses the idea of 'not doing such things', 'no way', or strong denial.


Verb-dictionary form + やしない


Konna toki ni nakiyashinai.
I would never cry at a time like this.
Watashi ga kare o tasukeyashinai.
There's no way I'd help him.
Kare ga sonna koto o iiyashinai.
He would never say such a thing.
Watashi ga sonna kouka na mono o kaiyashinai.
There's no way I would buy such an expensive item.

Long explanation:

The verb やしない grammar point is used to express a strong denial or to say one would never do something. The formation of this grammar point is simple: Just add やしない to the dictionary form of any verb. The nuance added by this phrase usually means the speaker considers the action very unlikely or would not normally do the action.

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