Decoded Slug: Verb よう (~ you)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb よう (~ you)

Verb よう (~ you)

Short explanation:

The means to do something or the way something is done.


Verb-て form + よう


Kono mondai wo toku you ni doryoku shimasu.
I will try to solve this problem.
Kare ga itta you ni yarimashou.
Let's do it as he said.
Mainichi hashiru you ni shiteimasu.
I make it a point to run every day.
Jibun no kokoro o taisetsu ni suru you ni.
Try to take care of your own heart.

Long explanation:

The よう grammar point is used to express the way things are done or the method used to do something. It is often used in situation where someone is describing how to do something or asking about how to do something. Also, it can be used with the verb する to mean 'to try to'. The formation changes according to whether it is used with a verb.

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