Decoded Slug: Verb ようか Verbる まいか (Verb you ka Verb ru mai ka)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ようか Verbる まいか (Verb you ka Verb ru mai ka)

Verb ようか Verbる まいか (Verb you ka Verb ru mai ka)

Short explanation:

Expresses hesitation or indecision between two actions; 'whether to' or 'should I or not'.


Verb-volitional + か + Verb-nonpast negative + か


Kare ni hanasu beki you ka hanasanu beki ka, hontou ni mayotte iru.
I'm really unsure whether I should talk to him or not.
Shiken wo ukeru you ka, taigaku suru mai ka mayotte imasu.
I'm wondering whether to take the exam or drop out of school.
Ano hito ni ayamaru you ka, ayamaranai mai ka kangaete imasu.
I'm considering whether to apologize to that person or not.
Shingaku suru you ka shuushoku suru mai ka nayande iru.
I am worried about whether to go on to school or get a job.

Long explanation:

The 'Verb ようか Verbる まいか' grammar point is used to express inner conflict or indecision about whether or not to perform two particular actions. It is translated in English as 'whether to do something or not'. This grammar point is very formal and mainly used in written language.

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