Decoded Slug: Verb ようが Verb るまいが (Verb you ga Verb ru mai ga)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ようが Verb るまいが (Verb you ga Verb ru mai ga)

Verb ようが Verb るまいが (Verb you ga Verb ru mai ga)

Short explanation:

Expresses the sense of 'whether...or', 'no matter whether... or not'.


Verb-volitional form + が + Verb-negative volitional form + が


Kare ga koyou ga kurumai ga, paatii wa hajimarimasu.
Whether he comes or not, the party will start.
Benkyou shiyou ga shimai ga, tesuto no kekka wa kawaranai.
Whether you study or not, the test result won't change.
Ame ga furou ga furumai ga, pikunikku ni ikimasu.
Whether it rains or not, we're going to the picnic.
Atsukarou ga samukarou ga, mainichi jogingu shimasu.
Whether it's hot or cold, I jog every day.

Long explanation:

The grammar point Verbようが Verbるまいが is used to indicate an indifference to two possible outcomes. It can be translated as 'whether...or', 'no matter whether... or not' in English. This is used with verbs to express that the outcome does not change even if the condition or the situation changes.

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