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Decoded Slug: Verb ように (〜you ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ように (〜you ni)

Verb ように (〜you ni)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'like', 'as if', 'in order to', or 'so that'.


Verb-ますstem + ように, い-adjective + ように


Kanojo wa tori no you ni karoyaka ni odoru.
She dances lightly like a bird.
Oboeta koto wo wasurenai you ni, mainichi fukushuu shimashou.
In order not to forget what you've learned, let's review every day.
Kashu ni naru you ni, mainichi uta no renshuu wo shiteimasu.
In order to become a singer, I practice singing every day.
Michi wo wataru toki, kuruma ga konai you ni kakunin shite kudasai.
When crossing the road, please make sure no cars are coming.

Long explanation:

The ~ように grammar point is used to express different meanings depending on the context. These mainly include 'like', 'as if', 'in order to', or 'so that'. The formation differs depending on whether it is used with a verb or an い-adjective.

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