Decoded Slug: Verb る ことがある (〜ru koto ga aru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb る ことがある (〜ru koto ga aru)

Verb る ことがある (〜ru koto ga aru)

Short explanation:

Used to express that something happens sometimes or has happened before.


Verb (in る form, remove る) + ることがある


Kare wa chikoku suru koto ga arimasu.
He is sometimes late.
Watashi wa nebou suru koto ga arimasu.
I sometimes oversleep.
Kanojo wa uta o utau koto ga arimasu.
She sometimes sings songs.
Kodomo no koro, yoku yama ni noboru koto ga arimashita.
When I was a child, I sometimes climbed mountains.

Long explanation:

The grammar point る ことがある is used to express that something occurs sometimes or has occurred in the past. It indicates that the action is not a regular or constant event, but rather something that takes place occasionally or has happened at least once.

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