Decoded Slug: Verb る の~ (Verb + ru + no~)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb る の~ (Verb + ru + no~)

Verb る の~ (Verb + ru + no~)

Short explanation:

Used to express the purpose or reason for doing an action.


Verb-る + の + expression


Kaimono o suru tame ni, ginkou de okane o orosu no.
I will withdraw money from the bank to go shopping.
Tomodachi ni purezento o ageru node, keeki o yaku no.
I will bake a cake because I want to give a present to my friend.
Daietto o hajimeru node, jimu ni nyuukai suru no.
I will join a gym since I am starting a diet.
Karui shokuji ga ii node, sarada o tsukuru no.
I will make a salad because I want a light meal.

Long explanation:

The る の~ grammar point is used to express the purpose or reason for doing an action. It is created by replacing the final る in the verb with の. It is often used with other expressions to provide more context about the purpose of the action.

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