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Decoded Slug: Verb る 前に (ru mae ni)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb る 前に (ru mae ni)

Verb る 前に (ru mae ni)

Short explanation:

Used to express 'before' in a sense of an action must be done before another action happens or 'before' something happens.


Verb-る + 前に


Dekakeru mae ni, heya o souji shite kudasai.
Please clean the room before leaving.
Neru mae ni, ha o migakimasu.
I brush my teeth before going to bed.
Ame ga furu mae ni, sentakumono o torikomu koto.
Take in the laundry before it rains.
Kaigi ga hajimaru mae ni, shiryou o junbi shimashou.
Let's prepare the documents before the meeting starts.

Long explanation:

The る前に (ru mae ni) grammar point is used to indicate that an action should be completed before another action occurs or before a specific event happens. This structure is used with verbs in -る form, and the verb should be followed by 前 (mae) and に (ni).

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