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Decoded Slug: Verb ることにする (〜ru koto ni suru)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ることにする (〜ru koto ni suru)

Verb ることにする (〜ru koto ni suru)

Short explanation:

Decide to do something, make a decision.


Verb-る + ことにする


Raishuu, jimu ni iku koto ni shimashita.
I decided to go to the gym next week.
Kono kutsu wo kau koto ni shimashita.
I decided to buy these shoes.
Mainichi, sanpo wo suru koto ni shimashita.
I decided to take a walk every day.
Kare ni denwa wo kakeru koto ni shimasu.
I will decide to call him.

Long explanation:

The ~ることにする grammar point is used to express that someone has made a decision to do something or has decided on a specific course of action. It is formed by attaching ことにする to the verb stem in its る form.

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