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Decoded Slug: Verb ること~ (〜ru koto)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb ること~ (〜ru koto)

Verb ること~ (〜ru koto)

Short explanation:

Express an action or event as a noun; 'the act of', 'doing'.


Verb-dictionary (ru-)form + こと


Oyogu koto ga daisuki desu.
I love the act of swimming.
Nihongo wo benkyou suru koto wa tanoshii desu.
Studying Japanese is fun.
Tomodachi to hanasu koto ga sutoresu wo keigen shimasu.
The act of talking with friends reduces stress.
Kare wa utau koto ga tokui desu.
He is good at singing.

Long explanation:

The ること grammar point is used to nominalize or turn a verb into a noun, which represents the action or event itself as a concept. It can be translated as 'the act of' or 'doing' in English. This formation is used with verbs in the dictionary (ru-)form.

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