Decoded Slug: Verb 方 (〜hou)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verb 方 (〜hou)

Verb 方 (〜hou)

Short explanation:

Indicates the way or method of doing something; 'how to', 'the way of'.


Verb-stem + 方


Dareka ga keeki no tsukurihou o shitteimasu ka?
Does anyone know how to make a cake?
Kanojo wa eigo o hanasu hou o manandeimasu.
She is learning the way to speak English.
Kono pasokon no tsukaikata o oshiete kudasai.
Please teach me how to use this computer.
Suugaku no mondai no tokikata o oboeru no ga muzukashii desu.
It is difficult to remember the way to solve math problems.

Long explanation:

The ~方 grammar point is used to express the way or method of doing something, similar to 'how to' or 'the way of' in English. It can be attached to the stem of a verb to form a noun that indicates the method of doing the action.

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