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Decoded Slug: Verbる くらいなら (〜ru kurai nara)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
Verbる くらいなら (〜ru kurai nara)

Verbる くらいなら (〜ru kurai nara)

Short explanation:

Expresses preference to avoid something; 'rather than', 'if it comes to', 'if it's as...as.'


Verb-dictionary form + くらいなら


Hitori de iku kurai nara, ie ni iru hou ga mashi desu.
I would rather stay at home than go alone.
Makeru kurai nara, shiai o shinai hou ga ii.
It's better not to compete than to lose.
Chikoku suru kurai nara, ichinichi yasunda hou ga ii.
It's better to take a day off than to be late.
Itai me ni au kurai nara, sono risuku o sakemasu.
I'd rather avoid that risk than suffer.

Long explanation:

The ~るくらいなら grammar point is used to indicate that the speaker would rather choose another option or avoid a situation rather than doing the action stated. This can be translated as 'rather than', 'if it comes to', or 'if it's as...as' in English.

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